Just a little history

I am cowgirl.  By all definitions of the word, I am a cowgirl.  I was raised a ranchers daughter, working on the ranch by my father's side every summer.  I LOVED this life.  BUT,as a true teenager I had to spread my wings and see the world for myself.  I spent several years in the big city of Salt Lake.  I moved back to my childhood state of Kansas after a summer vacation reminded me of all the beauty and magic of the Flint Hills.

I met my husband and we became fast and furious best friends.  Within months we began dating and soon ended up in wedded bliss.  We have two boys, the oldest is 12, his from a previous marriage and our 3-year-old son.

My husband is a manager/head cowboy at a local feedlot.  He comes home smelling like manure and coved in mud and poo.  My washer and dryer are my two appliances I couldn't live without. 

Follow me through the daily trials and tribulations of being a cowboy's wife.


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