Left to the imagination

My three-year-old son has always had a very vivid imagination.  This is one of my favorite things about him.  I know I don't ever have to worry about him getting bored and he provides us with so much entertainment.

His friend's name is Kaeger.  Kaeger is a permanent fixture in our home.  My son has informed us that Kaeger can't go home in the evenings because his parents are at work.  Logical, I suppose.  So, when it's bath time, Kaeger has to join in the bath time fun.  On some instances, if we're running short on time, my husband will shower Tucker with him.  Several nights ago, I was walking by the bathroom and noticed the husband carrying a bath towel as it if were wrapped around something and shaking it up and down.  He just looked at me with a quirky smirk.  Of course I was a little bewildered until he mouthed, "Kaeger needed a towel…".  I covered my mouth and ran to the other room. 

Two mornings ago I literally had to make Kaeger a waffle for breakfast.  Fortunately, this morning I was allowed to make a pretend waffle.

As I said, I love my son's imagination, but where do we draw the line on house guests?


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