Ten Thirty

Ten-thirty is my favorite time of night. “You’re CRAZY!”, you say. “That’s so late!”, you might add. While most thirty-something working moms who have a pre-teen and toddler might be ready to collapse in bed by nine o’clock I’m just the opposite.
You see…ten-thirty is the most peaceful time of day in my house. We are such a busy family with work, school, preschool, basketball, church & church meetings, ranch rodeos, rodeo board meetings, supper, homework, bath time and story time, our house is a constant buzz of chatter, questions and ‘hellos and good-byes’ that it sure makes my head spin.
By ten-thirty I am pretty much guaranteed to have full run of the house with no questions to answer, no last minute laundry to start and no mouths to feed. By ten-thirty I have punched out on the mom and wife time clock and I just get to be Alisha.
Don’t get me wrong… I cherish and treasure the time spent with my family and I LOVE being a wife and mother. But let’s face it, EVERY one of us has to have some time in our daily grind to come back to our center. Ten-thirty is that time for me.
Thank you, Lord, for ten-thirty.
Good night, all.


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