Proper Introductions

I am fully aware of the fact that I have been a most rude host to my blog page.  I've talked about my family is great detail, but have failed to properly introduce you to the cast of characters that make up my life.

We'll start with the core of our existence. 

3-1-09 061


This is my husband, Grady and I.   He is my soulmate, my best friend, my forever.  We're close to celebrating six fantastic years of marriage.

Grady is the epitomy of strength and manliness.  He is tough, witty and a work horse.  I love this about him.  I love that he is my fix-it man, my personal jar opener, tire fixer and mouse catcher.

What I love the most about this man is his heart.  He's a true romantic.  He believes in true love everlasting.  He would walk to the ends of the earth, through hell and back for the ones he loves.  This is what I admire about him.  I never have to worry about hearing the words, "I love you."  These words are plentiful and ample in our home.

3-29-09 (7)

 This is our Tucker, our angel baby, our comic.  At three-years-old he is full of energy, rambunctious, and ready to learn EVERYTHING.  Like his father, he has the biggest heart of any kid I know.  He loves everyone and isn't afraid to tell you.  Every other little kid is instantly his friend and will remain so.  He started preschool this year and only goes twice a week.  He wakes up every morning asking if today is the day for preschool.  I have to break his heart every other day and tell him "no".


5-17-09 041

Tucker's favorite past time is playing in the dirt.  Six inches of rain can fall and four feet of snow on the ground and he will still ask if he can play in his sand box.  I never have to worry when he's outside because I can always look out my kitchen window and know that he'll be in that sand box for hours.

5-17-09 044

Cade is my step-son.  He's a twelve-year-old, wishing to be eighteen.  He is all adventure and outdoors.  Fishing is his passion.  (He gets that directly from his father, who gets that directly from HIS father.)  This boy wears my washing machine out almost as quickly as his father.  There isn't a day that goes by that he doesn't come in the house covered in mud and grease. 

I love that his mind is always working and thinking.  He's quick witted, and while this is sometimes more frustrating than trying to fit a square peg into a round hole, he is funny.

Cade has a huge heart.  He's an amazing big brother.  He has another little brother at his mother's house who he adores.  He always take the time to play with Tucker and make sure that he knows that his big brother is there for him.

We have high hopes for him.

This is my family.  This is my life.  These people are who I exist for.  They are my gift from God and I love them all dearly.


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