Own it!

My father, who I revere as a very wise man, always tried to instill in us the importance of honoring your word because the ONLY thing you truly have to call YOURS is your good name and integrity.

Without your name and integrity there is nothing. Without these there is no trust.

Money, possessions… They don't have any true value. Those things can leave you at any point in time.

What are you left with…? Your good name and integrity and trust.

 What a tough lesson for all of us to learn. How are we supposed teach this except by example.

It took me along time to master this one.


After years of trying to figure out what dear old Dad was trying to teach me the words I like to live by now are…


Own your words. Own your actions. Own your values.

Moreover, own your mistakes.

This week has been a week of "ownership", so to speak.

I made a mistake on a custom order and rather than trying to cover it up or sugar coat an excuse, I fessed up to my mistake. I took full ownership of my error.

I called the customer and confessed what had happened. It felt good. It felt… relieving.

It didn't feel good knowing that I had made the mistake, but knowing that I had done the right thing was… well… good.

So you would understand my dismay when today I was wronged as a customer… deceived.

I had taken in Grady's glasses to be repaired. He broke the nose piece.

(We happen to doctor at a very "top-notch" eye doctor, lots of gadgets and gizmos and a newly remodeled office. This choice in optometrist is only due to a lack of options in our small community. I'd rather go somewhere a little more… humble.)

This should have been a quick soddering job. I should have had them back that afternoon. But that didn't happen.

I waited two days and finally got the call that they were ready.

I paid for them and went to my car.


I looked at them. They were terrible. Burn marks all over them.

I went back in and was told that's just what happens when they sodder them.

Not satisfied with this answer I sought a second opinion from a local eye glass shop. They confirmed what I thought…

They BROKEthe glasses when they tried to repair them and soddered THAT back together which was the reason for all the burn marks. 

THIS was the reason the repair took so long.

Rather than calling me and OWNING the mistake, they quietly put them back in the case and called to tell me they were ready…

They lied to me.

I called and went back down to the office to get some sort of recourse. They are making it right now, replacing the frames.

BUT… they have already lost my business. Their integrity is damaged, their name is no longer good to me. I have to now always wonder if this is how they conduct their business. They have lost my trust.

So, the moral of my story, my dear friends. This doctor's money and fancy gadgets didn't get him anything from me in the end because he and his staff don't know what it is to…



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