Spring Fling!!!

This past weekend my mom and I were blessed enough to get the opportunity to visit the Wichita Garden Show.

3-6-10 058

Neither one of us had been and wern't quite sure what to expect.  We are both avid gardeners.  I'm fairly certain that I inherited my green thumb from her.

These are just a few of the things we found.

3-6-10 014 
I LOVE nostalgic art and trinkets!  I fell in LOVE with these rock creations!  Aren't they the cutest?

They also made these cute little ants!

3-6-10 013

This was my next favorite…

3-6-10 015

This artist has the most amazing pottery creations.  This piece brought peace to my heart.  I wanted to take it home and stare at it.

It wouldn't go with a thing in my house, but I know I could a place for it.  If you notice the intricate details on the pottery on the rack behind it.  It was all beautiful.

You'll never guess what these are…

3-6-10 018 


Can you believe it.  I loved the color and vibrant contrasts.  It's all artificial pieces floating in oil.  You just add a wick to the top.  I could definitely find a place for this!

Yep… It's a worm factory.

3-6-10 023

And this is what looks like on the inside.

3-6-10 022

YUCK!!!!  But this stuff produces the BEST fertilizer.  Mom wants one.

This is my favorite find of all…

3-6-10 078

This little frog is SO much fun.  I had to get one for the boys.  When you remove the stick and run it up it's spine, like so.

3-6-10 080

It sound EXACTLY like the spring frogs we hear at our house.  It was amazing!!  Cade and Tucker think they can call in some frogs later in the spring.

We had a great time and saw some amazing plants and crafts.  I can't wait to go back.  It was a great day.

Happy Spring my friends!


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