A Soon-To-Be Seeley and Blackberry Cobbler

My family, the Seeley clan, enjoys getting together over great food, good drinks and laughter.  It's not often that we can all gather in one place, so when we do it's an event to remember. 

With two birthdays and my brother's recent engagement the only way to properly celebrate the occasions of this ranching family is with an old fashioned calf fry. 

The men were in charge of the main course.  (That's another blog for another day)


Carrie, the soon-to-be Seeley addition, and I were getting an education from Mom on the makings of blackberry cobbler.

Blackberry cobbler has been a treat that both my parents have been making for many years.  When we moved to Oklahoma a million years ago, the ranch we were at had a pleathera of blackberries…juicy, huge, wild blackberries.  They were delectable and sweet.

Dad started the blackberry cobbler tradition and the recipe has since been tweeked and perfected.

So, in true Seeley fashion, the cobbler making tradition must be passed on.

I will fully admit that while I truly enjoy cooking I am NOT a baker.  I have never had the patience for all of the exact measurements and tempermental dough.

With this aside, Carrie and I were dutiful students.

3-13-10 005

Carrie was in charge of mixing together the dough.

3-13-10 013

You can see that she's very excited to roll the dough out.  (In all reality she was pretty nervous, but she rolled that dough like a pro!)

Notice the glass with the lemon in front…

Partaking in a few beers while baking definitely helps to make the end product even more delicious.


3-13-10 015

See, she's doing a lovely job!

3-13-10 018

I was in charge of putting together the sweet filling for the cobbler.  You don't even want to know how much sugar goes into this concoction.  It's enough to send you zinging into a sugar high to last an entire day.

3-13-10 019

We were very proud of our end product. 

 In honor of the love birds Mom cut hearts out of the top. 

We baked the treasure and immediately retired for a nap.  Baking sure can take it out of ya!

The party was a success.  Everyone enjoyed the noshings and made themselves miserably full on our cobbler.

I am truly honored to have Carrie join our family.  I'm proud of my baby brother and his lovely bride-to-be.  Congratulations!!!



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