Spring Fever

The weather is slowly starting to warm up in the mid section of America.  The forecast for the next few days is in the low to mid 60's. 

I am SO ready for the warmth.

The grass is slowly starting to turn green again and I noticed buds on the trees in my backyard yesterday.

I can't wait until the greenhouses start supplying the spring and summer flowers.

I am a flower junkie!  Every year I spend entirely too much money on flowers for my deck and flower beds. 

There is nothing I enjoy more than lounging in my favorite chair and viewing the spectacular colors blooming all around me.

7-4-09 004

This… is the view from my favorite spot on the deck, cute kiddo included.

7-4-09 006 My absolute FAVORITE.  The boys picked out this hibiscus tree at the nursery when it was half price.  It's now sleeping peacefully in my mud room just waiting for the warm sunshine to beg for flowers.

7-4-09 016 

Geraniums are my mother's favorite.  I never understood their beauty until last summer.  I put geraniums EVERYWHERE.  This white gem was my favorite of all of them.  Moreover, I loved the srawberry pot I found (on sale) to plant it in.

6-24-09 001

For the life of me, I can't remember what this viney stuff is called, but it was SO beautiful!  About mid morning the flowers would open up.  They were a gorgeous shade of tangerine/pink.  By evening, when the sun was starting to set, they'd close up into little buds.  The flowers only lasted a day, but the next morning there would be an entirely new set.

6-24-09 008

This was the most intriguing of all plants I had, the straw plant.  The petals of this flower felt papery, like straw.  This little beauty was SO tough.  When everything else was dying in the late August heat he was eating up the sunshine.

I can't wait to get started again.  I'd love to hear about any new flowers you think I should try!  I'm all ears!

Peace, love and flower buds!  



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