The Last Hoorah.

This past Saturday Old Man Winter reared his ugly head one more time to try and prove to us that just because Spring is arriving doesn't mean he has to bow out gracefully. No, that pesky Winter Menace blew 40 mph frosty winds and dumped snow for 24 hours. Fortunately, the snowfall was intermittent and warm weather was soon to follow.

After the storm passed and we could finally duck our bleary heads out of our warm houses our boys were in snow heaven.

Cade is a kid that is constantly on the go. He never seems to stop for a break until his head hits the pillow. Tucker and I, on the other hand are weekend nappers. We tend to get a little cranky if we don't take a few hours to wind down after lunch.

Sunday afternoon was no Sunday any different from the others. Tucker and I retired to Mommy's bed for some story time and zzz's. After at least 14 interruptions from the hounds I decided my naptime was over. I went about my usual post-nap stuff not taking notice of Cade outside.

When I finally looked I saw this…

2010-03-21 16.24.34

While Tucker and I were peacefully in another state of mind Cade had been building this fabulous fort.

I knew Tucker would want to take part in the festivities so I did the unthinkable and woke him from his slumber. (This is usually strictly forbidden as Tucker is a most grouchy child when prematurely woken up,) The minute I mentioned "playing in the snow" and "snow fort" he was up! No grogginess from this kiddo.

2010-03-21 16.20.52

2010-03-21 16.25.26

They had the most splendid time helping one another create the Great Wall Of Gibb.

Unfortunately, it didn't survive to see the next evening. Just as soon as the snow hit, it was gone.

Old Man Winter had his last Hoorah for this winter…. We hope.


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