The perfect date

5-17-09 038

With the hustle and bustle of our crazy lives I decided that last Saturday needed to be a date day for Mommy and Daddy. Grady and I don't get much time alone and our daily conversations and interactions were beginning to reflect this.

Don't get me wrong, we are a very close couple and we do talk a lot. We just hadn't had any time to unwind and just be Grady and Alisha. We just needed some time to FLIRT with each other and make out if we wanted to. (Sorry, Mom.)

Since we live in such a rural community the usual "date options" aren't available.

Sure, we could have gone to a movie or out to dinner, but there's not much talking oppotunities during a movie and we just didn't really want to spend the extra money.

So, what do you for entertainment and alone time if you live in the country…?

You hop in the truck and drive all over the country. Yes…you go cruising.

The great thing about cruising around where we live is the fact that once you get outside of our little community the land is vast and open. There is beautiful country for miles and miles waiting to be explored.

Our plan was to start in our neck of the woods and then make our way down to my parent's place to buy some cowboy goods from my dad, an expert leatherman. This trip, via highway, usually only takes about an hour. We arrived three hours later.

Grady took me to this year's site for the Symphony In The Flint Hills.  It was beautiful and vast.  I can't wait for this event as it falls on my birthday this year and will be a spectacular celebration.

We wound through hills and minimum maintenance roads.  We explored open range and numerous pastures of cattle.

5-24-09 002

We were interrupting the cattle and their lazy day noshing.

2010-03-27 12.10.45

The WORST part of our trip was the fact that my camera was not working!  My battery had died earlier in the week and the charger was at our final destination.  I could hardly stand it.  My phone took the picture of the cattle and the one prior is from a fishing trip last year.  But… the lay of the land looks like this everywhere we are.  Open.  Free. Rolling. Majestic.

Needless to say, this was the most perfect date I could have asked for.  We talked.  We kissed.  We enjoyed each other's company.  We were just us again.

Thank you, Honey!  I love you! 


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