A Good Dye Job

Living with three males means that sometimes what would normally be a simple family activity turns into a science project.

I had to chuckle last Thursday night when I informed Grady that he would be taking an active part in coloring Easter eggs with me and the boys. I got the usual solemn stare and a long sigh. He knows arguing is useless because between me and the boys we'd annoy him into participating. What made me laugh the most wasn't his apparant resistance, but, instead, his overwhelming urge to take over once the festivities began. 

4-1-10 018 
I had boiled 18 eggs several days prior so this part was ready. I had picked up several packages of the traditional PAAS egg coloring kits. We got the cups out and the vinegar poured in. Grady's instinct to take over kicked in.

He informed the boys which tablets went in which cups.

4-1-10 017

We waited to add the water…

This is what happens when we have to wait for something in our house.

4-1-10 025

It was finally time to add the eggs. Grady's ultimate goal is to get the most intensely colored eggs you possibly can with the run of the mill dye. With this in mind he and Cade decided to add a second tablet (from the remaining package) to each of the cups.

We dropped our eggs in and again, we waited…

4-1-10 026

I'm telling you, things get weird around our house.

Tucker wanted to add eggs upon eggs in each cup.

4-1-10 028

He's still learning the art of patience in the egg dying process.

Grady let him randomly check the egg status.

4-1-10 012

This made me nervous as I could hear the eggs cracking when he would dunk them back in.

In a last ditch effort to satisfy their science project needs they decided that leaving four of the eggs to soak overnight in the dye might possibly result in the optimal colors desired.

This is what an egg soaking all night in dye looks like.

4-1-10 054

Funky and bubbly.

 But… The finished product was pretty amazing.

4-4-10 002

4-4-10 014

4-4-10 001

I'm sure the Easter Bunny was proud! Peace, love and bunny hugs!


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