A Thing of Beauty

Thunderstorms are a part of life in the midwest. 

They just come with the territory, like Califirornia and earthquakes. I would imagine they're a little less scary, for the most part.

These boisterous storms are amazing to witness. The splintering lightening prancing across the sky followed by the crashing thunder. Yes, thunderstorms are beautiful and sometimes frightening at the same time.

Every now and again, after God is done making His presence known, He leaves us with a gift. This gift leaves us ah struck no matter what our age.

Early yesterday evening, after the lightening receeded and the thunder turned to a purr the clouds parted and the sun came shining through, we were granted this gift.

4-6-10 017 
Look closely.

Can you see it?

Yes, it's a double rainbow.

4-6-10 020

4-6-10 019

As I said…a thing of beauty.

Peace, Love and Rainbows.

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