Time To Plant The Flowers

4-12-10 002 
The ranch rodeo season has officially begun. Which means that for the next six to seven months the team will be gone on random weekends traveling to different rodeos.

The wives… Well, we enjoy going to support our husbands, but the distance and time spent away means that we don't always get to go. So, we stay home and take care of the house, kids and chores.

I, personally, enjoy the weekends that Tucker and I have together to ourselves. I'm the home body type. I enjoy my little space in the country. The peace. The quiet. The alone time. Tucker and I get things accomplished that normally wouldn't happen on weekends Grady is home.

This weekend was the first major road trip. So, Tucker and I had a movie night, complete with a DVD of Chicken Little. We had time to plant Liatris, Freesias, two types of sunflowers and two varieties of zeenias. I started cleaning out the front flower bed as well.

We relaxed, napped, laughed and just plain hybernated for two days. These are days I treasure.

My heart pines for my cowboy's return. I miss him deeply when he's gone, but I have always been of the opinion that absence makes the heart grow fonder. I will be overjoyed when he returns.

Until then, I will soak up the warmth of the sun lounging on the deck watching Tucker make mud pies.

Peace, love and happy naps.


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