The Ugliest Cute Things You’ve EVER Seen

My mother-in-law and her family raise rabbits.  Paula, my sister-in-law, who is still in school shows these rabbits in 4-H.  I couldn't even begin to guess at how many they have.  Lots…  Tons…  Rabbits out the whazoo!  Get my drift?  They have a lot of them.

Tucker loves to help his Mimi (Grandma) with the rabbits.  He feeds them, waters them and occassionally pets them.  He thinks they're pretty rad.  (Yes, I said rad. What can I say?  I'm a product of the 80's and 90's.)

These cute little fuzzy creatures that we like to ew and ah over are not always cute.  This is what they start out looking like.

4-12-10 026
As I said… NOT cute.  They kind of resemble a mole. 

They don't have any hair, but the color of their skin, spots and all will determine the color of their fur.

This is their Momma…

4-12-10 028
She doesn't really like me.  Hence the reason the picture is fuzzy.  I didn't want to tick her off any more than I probably already had.  I was messing with her babies!  If I were here I would have already bitten me by now.

As ugly as these little runts are right now, soon, in a few short weeks they'll be fuzzy and cuddly and hard to keep your hands off of.

4-12-10 032
See… Isn't that better.  Aren't they so cute!  Just makes you want to squeeze the dickens out of the little buggers.

4-12-10 033 
Mommy, make the crazy lady leave us alone!  She won't stop ahing at me.  It's kind of creepy.

Okay. I'll back off now.  They're just so fuzzy and fun to watch.  This little guy was trying out solid food for the first time.  It was pretty cute to watch him.

So….they really are the ugliest cute things ever, at least for just a little while.   

Peace, love and ugly bunnies.


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