Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes!

Last summer Grady and I went out on a limb and planted a garden. We LOVE fresh, homegrown veggies and we had the perfect place to give it a whirl. We tried several different things, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, peppers and cucumbers.

Since we really didn't know what we were doing we considered it a fun experiment.

 The tomatoes and cucumbers were a huge success considering the three torential hail storms that ripped the poor plants to shreds. We had no idea how many pepper plants to plant so our jalapeno supply was less than desirable.

With the experimenting behind us we are dead set on a mission this year!

We have now made room for TWO, yes I said two, garden areas! Homemade salsa, here we come!

Grady's position as crew manager at feedlot gives us special "fertilizer" priviledges. Last night he brought home of a load of good aged manure… black gold!

4-13-10 011 
He and his father scooped it into our garden area with help of the boys.

4-13-10 014 
Poor Tucker wants to help so bad.

4-13-10 013
He finally got his chance.  He was stoked!

4-13-10 015
And then he was done and had to retire to his sand box.

4-13-10 024
Tilling and mixing was next.  Grady loves this big machine stuff!  Makes him feel more manly.

If you're ever able, I highly reccomend using this kind of soil to supplement your gardens. It's rich and packed FULL of those good garden vitamins!

So…Mother Nature, you do your thing. Bring on the mother load of veggies. We're ready!

Peace, love and veggie tales!


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