A Girl’s Gotta Do What A Girl’s Gotta Do

*** I am almost certain that there aren't any men who read my blog, BUT if so, you won't be interested in this post in the slightest. It's just a bunch of girl talk. ***

We all know that girls love to dish about silly girly things like hair, make-up and all the things in between. I love to know what my girlfriends do and use to make themselves the beautiful women they are. So, in that spirit, I'm going to share with you what makes me…me (on the outside that is).

4-18-10 045

The good Lord both blessed AND cursed me with oily skin. As a teenager I abhored this trait. There is nothing worse than walking through the halls of high school with a permanent sheen and pimples. In the past fifteen years I have made peace with my skin type AND realized that SeaBreeze was the WORST thing I could have put on my face.

Fortunately, face treatments have evolved and my raging teenage hormones calmed down and I was able to find the perfect fit for my skin.

4-18-10 028

These two things I can NOT live without.

I remember hearing the Dove commercials as a girl, how soft and lovely it will make your skin feel. And then…they'd announce that it was a 3/4 moisturizing bar. And that is why I never tried it. The last thing I thought oily skin needed was moisture.

Boy howdy, was I ever wrong. This soap is a dream! My face is softer than it ever has been AND clear.

This moisturizer is a God send for anyone who has an oil problem. It hydrates AND mattifies so you can kiss those lovely oil blotter sheets goodbye.

4-18-10 024

I just love my hair products. I have some seriously curly hair and like my skin, it has taken some experimenting to figure out exactly what works for my mop.

I don't have the traditional curl. Rather than course and wild my hair is very fine and full. If you have fine hair like I do you HAVE to try the Tresemme 24 Hour Volume Mousse. This stuff is amazing. I have body and bounce in my hair ALL day.

4-18-10 042

Now, here's the BEST part of my morning. I couldn't possibly get to work without it.

My cup of java has to have a few shots of this liquid heaven. This is my daily indulgence I allow myself in my quest for a thinner middle. I savor every last drop of my coffee on my commute from the sticks to the "little city" I work in.

Italian Sweet Cream (and Kidd Kraddick) get me safely and happily to the office every day.

I know this isn't the complete list of my daily regimine, but they are the key components in getting my day going. I couldn't go a day without any of them.

 If you have any of the same issues I do I highly recommend trying these things out.

Peace, love and happy skin.


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