Fred, the Girl Goat

Bless my sweet, sweet, yet overly ornery husband. He has this thing with getting the most ridiculous ideas stuck in his head and not being able to remove them. Therefore, we are now the owners of one ridiculously ugly, homely girl goat named, Fred. 

A few weeks before Easter Grady came home singing of his notions to buy the boys a goat.

"WHAT!?", I exclaimed. "We DO NOT need a goat! They eat flowers and all the pretty stuff in the yard."

"Oh, it'll be fiiine", Grady says.

 "What on earth do we need a goat for?"

 "Oh, Tucker needs a goat to chase around. We can rope it or something."

(Perplexed and puzzled look on my face)

"Seriously?" I ask.

Grady walked over to me, wrapped his arms around me and hugged me saying, "It'll be fine. You're outnumbered on this one."

Of course his quirky little grin is plastered all over his face.

That certainly wasn't the last of the goat-getting debates, but they were all very similar to the one above. I never won.

The day before Easter Grady, Tucker and I loaded up in the Explorer geared up with a medium sized dog carrier for the mystery surprise Tucker knew he had coming. Grady had him convinced the Easter Bunny had left him an early present at Daddy's work.

We trekked across the hills and arrived at the feedlot. The goat had been dropped off and deposited into one of the stock trailers. We had no idea what we were getting. Girl? Boy? Big? Little? It was all a big surprise.

And this is what we saw…

4-4-10 020 
The UGLIEST critter I had ever seen.

Grady stuffed her in the pet carrier much against her will. (No worries, animal lovers, no goat was harmed in this process. She was quite content in her close quarters.)

4-4-10 022

At this point we still had no idea what sex of goat we had. We asked Tucker what he'd like to name his new "pet".

He looked to the sky and tapped his little pointer finger on his chin and pondered this thought for a moment. "Uhhhhmmm… I sink we name him Roodachik," he announces.

(Remember this is coming from the mind of a very imaginative three-year-old who's imaginary friend is named Kaeger.)

I immediately said, "No, Sweetie, let's give him a more normal name."

"Like what, Mommy?"

"Oh, I don't know. Something like George or Fred or Harry. Something like that."

"Ooohhh, I fink Fwed, Mommy!"

"Okay Tucker, Fred it is."

We got home, unloaded Fred and let the dogs check her out.

4-4-10 027 
Jess, the weenie hound wanted to eat her and Harley the Border Collie wanted to herd her. It was interesting.

As soon as things calmed down Grady did the "sex check".

"It's a girl," he announced.

We tried to convince Tucker that Fred was not a suitable name for a girl goat, but he wasn't having any part of it. So, Fred it was.

And that's the story of how Fred, the girl goat, came to be a resident at the Gibb zoo.

Peace, love and grey goats.


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