Cader, Cader, quite contrary, how does your garden grow?

Cade has decided to enter in the gardening project this year for 4-H. He's made a section of the garden all his own.

His enthusiasm for the project makes me smile.

For 3 days last week the only thing he think about was tilling, tilling and more tilling. I'm fairly certain that the biggest part of the tilling attraction was the sheer exhiliration of using a big machine.

4-13-10 023 

 The day for planting finally arrived. Sunday, Grady's step-mom, Jackie and I went to town to get the plants while the guys did the final tilling.

Cade called me at least three times to instruct me as to what plants he wanted. Three tomato plants and two pepper plants to be exact. These particular choices were amusing to me as the chile won't put either one anywhere near his mouth.

But, who's to judge? He just wants to GROW something.

When all was said and done he planted 5 tomato plants and 3 pepper plants.

4-18-10 031

4-18-10 034

4-18-10 032

From seed, he's starting carrots, radishes and asparagus green beans.

4-18-10 035

4-18-10 037

He's really excited to see some results. I'm praying that his hard work pays off and earns him a blue ribbon or two or three.

Peace, love and carrot sticks.


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