Queens For A day.

Last Saturday was a day to remember for the rest of my life. A day worth noting in the journal of life. And it all started with a gift.

 4-24-10 015 
This gift to be exact.

My friend Abbey had given me a copy of this cookbook for Christmas because it reminded her of us and our love for cooking, family and our cowboys. I had NO idea how deep my facination would go.

I took it home and within a matter of hours I read it from cover to cover. This was no cookbook. This was AMAZING! The photography. The stories. The recipes. I was completely mesmerized with it all. Although our lives are quite different I felt a kinship with the Pioneer Woman. We had parallels in our lives. She makes you feel connected to her world.

Needless to say, I had no idea when I began reading that there was a blog that went along with it. I had never even followed a blog. Sure, I Facebook and email, but I was oblivious to the world of blogging.

I checked out her site the next day and was blown away! I could have read for hours. Not only can this woman cook, she can write. She's witty and comical. To top it all off her photography is something else. Above all, I admire her humility. She's made it big with this blog thing and the cookbook, but you'd never know to read her entries.

After a girl's night gathering the word of PW spread. We got several other friends hooked. Before we knew it we were considering ourselves "stalkers". (Not really, but we were ridiculously hooked.)  We couldn't keep from talking about her. Our husbands couldn't resist teasing us about our "obssession".

About a month ago my friend, Shelly, sent me an innocent email telling me that PW was going to be in Stillwater on April 24th. I simply replied, "Road trip?".

Before I knew it we were planning our excursion.

Several weeks ago, the initiator of all this PW facination, Abbey, had a birthday. Her mother, knowing how kooky we all are over this whole thing, gave us all the biggest surprise of our lives. A limo ride from our tiny little hometown in the Flint Hills of Kansas to Stillwater and back!!! We all screamed like little girls.

Saturday finally arrived and it was like a fairytale.  As I've mentioned before I value the simplicity in life so, it wil come as no surprise that I have never ridden in a limo before.

 4-24-10 001

It was over the top. Extravagant.

 4-24-10 004

These five simple women were anything but simple this one day.  We were queens and I couldn't think of any other women who deserved this special treatment more than the group of ladies I was with.

We made the 2½ hour trek in comfort and style, laughing and sharing stories.

 4-24-10 008

 When we arrived we had to wait for an hour and a half for Ree to make her appearance.  We're faily certain that some of the bookstore patrons thought the limo belonged to her.  Funny story… She drove her suburban.

 4-24-10 020

We stood in line and waited patiently.  Lola, Abbey's little 8-month old gem of a daughter, was our PW bait. 

 4-24-10 013

We were certain she couldn't resist the chubby little cheeks and beaming smile on this little heartbreaker.

We were so close.  Our turn was coming.

 4-24-10 023

We all made our way to her.  I was so excited to finally meet her!

 4-24-10 047

I HAD to tell her that I was the girl who submitted the Murphy's Hot Hamburger recipe that she featured.

 4-24-10 048

This is the high five that she gave me.  I was beaming.

We all gathered around her for a group photo.  This photo will have a permanent home on a shelf in my house.

 4-24-10 058

Not only did I get to meet this most facinating woman, but I got to share it with 4 of my close friends.  There's nothing better than being able to share the most outrageous moments in your life with the people that mean the most to you.

Abbey, Shelly, Tricia and Rachelle, you are beautiful and wonderful friends, each with amazing gifts and talents.  I am so blessed to call each of you friends.  I love you all.

To Kay and Suzan, this day would never have been what it was without the two of you.  I will alwasy be thankful for your generosity and graciousness.  Hugs to both of you.

To have this was totally worth it!

 4-24-10 030

Peace, love and limos.


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