The List

Reading one of my favorite blogs, I was inspired to create my own "List".

1. Upgrage my outdated point and shoot camera to a newer SLR camera.

2. Lose 20 pounds.

3. Travel overseas WITH my husband.

4. Take my kids to see the mountains.

5. Go on a REAL vacation with my family.

6. Watch my husband's ranch rodeo team win the World Finals.

7. Go on a guilt free shopping spree.

8. Pick out a wallpaper border for my living room.

9. Have time to read a book all afternoon.

10. Go to the movies again.

11. Visit Moab, Utah, again.

12. Cook with Pioneer Woman.

13. Buy a little black dress.

14. Create a digital scrapbook.

15. Bake a cheesecake from scratch.

16. Make homemade bread.

17. Meet Eric Clapton and BB King.

18. Have Lasik eye surgery.

19. Live on a ranch again.

20. Make a gazing ball.

21. Have beautiful flower beds.

22. Work in a soup kitchen on Christmas morning.

23. Hire a house cleaner once a month.

24. Hike in the mountains again.

25. Lay on a beach in Mexico.

26. Dance in the rain.

27. Visit Marci and Doug in Santa Fe.

28. Learn to Salsa dance.

29. See the whales in the ocean.

30. Grow old with my husband.

Some things are in the works. Some things are distant dreams. And some things… Some things will probably never happen, but the possibilty to dream and make goals is endless and priceless.

Peace, love and groovy lists.


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