Random Acts

I have been very fortunate to find an amazing church family in my tiny little community. I worship with fellow Christians who are kind hearted, generous in both spirit and hand all while holding their arms open to the community.

We recently started a new group called Random Acts. The purpose of this group is to do kind deeds for others in our community. Strangers, church members, elderly, shut-ins… It doesn't matter who, it just matters that we take care of each other.

 Saturday, since it just happened to be the first of May we chose a May Day theme. We bought enough flowers and pots for 50 baskets! We're an ambitious bunch.

Sheila was given an old wallpaper sample book for us to make the baskets.

 5-1-10 045 We had so much fun putting these together.

 5-1-10 046 
Tucker invited his best friend, Piper, to help us out. Yes…Tucker likes to make goofy faces.  I think he gets that from his father.

 5-1-10 052

 5-1-10 051 Sharon, June and I potted all the flowers.  This was MY favorite part.  I just love getting my hands in the dirt.  Not to mention… these flowers were GORGEOUS!!!  I'll have to get some for my own garden.

 5-1-10 050
Sheila helped Piper and Tucker fill the baskets with candy.  Bless her heart… Sheila had to unload candy from the baskets because Tucker was just being a little too generous.   They made a great team though.

 5-1-10 058 
June was a trooper putting the pots into the candy filled baskets. 

 5-1-10 054 The finished products were so beautiful!

We each took a box and set out to deliver.  I had Tucker and Piper and had to chuckle at their attempts at being "quiet" for the delivery.

 5-1-10 060 Here we are "sneaking" up to a house that I knew wasn't occupied at the time.

 5-1-10 062

 5-1-10 063
They each took a turn putting a basket on a door knob.  (This was right before poor Piper took a dive on the steps and fell with the pot.  No worries though, she wasn't hurt and we had a replacement pot.)

 5-1-10 065
We delivered to random houses, but we made sure that we delivered to people who were special in our lives, too. 

 5-1-10 066
Just a little surprise to say, "We love you!  Thanks for being you!"  

This day was so much fun.  I LOVE this group that gathers.  I know that doing good deeds for others makes the "others" feel important and special.  But…I have to say that doing these Random Acts does more for me.  I feel like I'm doing God's work taking care of people in my community.  I'm paying it forward because I know that whenever the time comes that I may need a helping hand this community of givers I live in while do the same for me.

I am truly blessed to be here among these angels.

Peace, love and May baskets!


3 thoughts on “Random Acts

  1. You would not believe how THRILLED I was to get our May basket and now seeing all the love, fun, friendship that was put into making them makes it even more special. What a beautiful idea for you to do this and Thank you for the all the smiles I had from the May basket !

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