One Of Two Things

Now that the warm weather has arrived you can gaurantee that the Gibb family will be doing one of two things…

Fishing or Ranch Rodoeing.


Pretty much no other options.

I have married into a family of fishing FANATICS!  These guys eat, breathe and sleep fishing! 

Don't get me wrong.  I like the sport.  I grew up fishing with my dad and uncles in the ponds on our ranch.  I enjoyed it.  But, the passion that my husband, boys and in-laws possess is like no other.

Our favorite thing to do on a Saturday afternoon is drive out to a pond and spend some time casting and catching.  There's usually always a friendly competition as to who is the real Bass Master.

Cade is fairly certain he's the title holder.

 5-1-10 029
He and his dad argue this one quite a bit.  Grady insures him that he's caught quite a few more than he has. I'm certain this argument will never cease.

This is MY Bass Master.

 5-1-10 028

I love watching him fish. 

He's happy

He's at peace

He's lovin' life.  

 5-1-10 014
Grady's dad, Papa, has a permanent fishing buddy.  He's our Bass Master in training.  Tucker LOVES to go fishing and is constantly asking questions.

 5-1-10 021

 5-1-10 024
He's getting the hang of it.

And then this happens…

 5-1-10 040
The poor kid has to ride out the rest of the fishing excursion in his undies.  This is what happens when you're out in the middle of nowhere and have an "accident". 

He's a country kid.  This doesn't bother him in the slightest.  He just goes on with his fishing.

 5-1-10 033

 5-1-10 041
See… Noooo worries.  He's more concerned with how big Jackie's fish is.

Me… I obviously,don't fish, otherwise we'd never have these fun pictures.  My camera is permanently attached to my neck.

And… I do a little of this.

 5-1-10 038

There is nothing more peaceful than diving into a good book while sitting by a beautiful pond.  I can get lost in the pages.  At least until I start hearing the agruments as to who's ahead on the fish count.

I love our summers.  I love that the time we share together is quality time.  I love that we're teaching our boys to love the outdoors.  I love that the WHOLE family enjoys each other and this passion.

Peace love and fish hooks.


One thought on “One Of Two Things

  1. Go ahead Alisha, pickup your own pole and join the competition! You’ll be surprised how easy it is to get “hooked”!

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