Things That Make Me Smile

These are the things that make my life super!

 1-10-10 002
Tender moments.

 2-27-10 017 Mmmmmm…. Momma's meatloaf.

 3-13-10 011 Our sweet boy, Jess.


 3-13-10 019

A new addition.

 4-4-10 072 Sorry, Mom.  I had to put this one in because…  Well…  Come on!  Do I have to explain?

 3-28-10 020 
Brothers working together.

 3-28-10 008 
Passing down traditions and trades.

 4-6-10 016 
Our sweet, loyal baby girl, Harley.

 4-9-10 004 
Carmelitas… Lots and lots of Carmelitas.

The end.

Peace, love and happy things.


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