Thank You

Today is a day to celebrate our mothers and everything they give us. I want to offer my thanks to my mother, grandmother and mother-in-laws for being such strong and beautiful examples and inspirations in my life. They have each taught me valuable lessons in love and motherhood.

But, today… I want to send my thanks in a different direction.

I want to lift up my deepest thanks to my husband, Grady, for giving me the opportunity to BE a mother. Six years ago we married and I was blessed with a full fledged family. I was immediately thrown into the mother role to his six-year-old son, Cade. It was a tough job to learn, but the examples I drew upon from my youth helped me through. We’ve had our fair share of highs and lows, Cade and I. But for each rough patch we hit there are twice as many sweet surprises.

After two years and two failed attempts at trying to have a baby we got amazing news early in December of 2005 that we were finally going to be blessed with a child of our own. Tucker was born a month early in July of 2006.

Motherhood, I believe, is truly a gift from God. He places these little angels in our care and let’s our hearts swell and spill over with love, joy and pride in the mini little versions of ourselves.

It’s a job that’s not always easy and a job that tries one’s patience to the end. It’s only pay comes in the form of bear hugs and generous kisses. But, the rewards are bountiful and endless. To see the shining smiles and sparkles in the eyes of these precious ones when they laugh is enough to last any mother a lifetime.

So, thank you again to my role models and my husband. Thank you, Lord for blessing me with these two boys.


Thank you Cade and Tucker for letting me be a step-mom and momma. Thank you for allowing me to grow with you and learn as we go. Thank you for loving ME!

Peace, love and motherhood


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