A Brotherhood

The ranch rodeo season has begun and as a wife I get excited over these events. Grady is starting his third year as a teammate of the Buck Creek and Lonesome Pine Ranchs team.

 5-9-10 038

They travel all over the midwest competing against other teams like them.

They spend an ample amount of time together.

These four guys aren't just teammates.

 5-9-10 048

They're brothers.

They know each other's strengths and weaknesses.

 5-9-10 018

They know when to lift one another up and they know when to back off a tad.

They each have their unique gift and talent that they bring to the group.

 5-9-10 019

They don't always see eye to eye, but they respect each other's difference in opinion.

They are strong.

 5-9-10 035

They are talented.

They bring out the very best in each other, even if it is a little dorkiness.

 5-9-10 046

They're ability to anticipate each others moves amazes me.

They are successful!

 5-9-10 050

I feel lucky to be a wife who gets to travel with them from time to time. This lifestyle/hobby that they love isn't just about these guys. We have all become a family, of sorts.

I am thankful for this group that has been gifted to us. They are an amazing bunch who I look forward to sharing more stories about.

Peace, love and Wrangler butts.


4 thoughts on “A Brotherhood

  1. Yep, that’s my brother, the dorky one! You and Abbey wrote about the same thing. It must have been a great weekend!

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