The Good Stuff!

I don't claim to be fancy.

It's just not my style.

Classy… yes, I think I'm classy, but with a major dose of SIMPLE.

Not long ago my friends and I discovered this little treat.

 2010-05-12 19.13.24 
(Pardon the REALLY bad picture as I left MY camera at work…) 

Yes… this is wine out of a jug.  If that means I'm a little less sophisticated, well… I think I can live with that.

Yes… it's inexpensive.

And… YES! It is AWESOME!

I don't care for many traditional wines. I don't like dry whites or reds.

 I'm a girl who likes a sweet wine.  If you're like me, then I highly recommend this one.  I think you'll love it.

Peace, love and good wine!


One thought on “The Good Stuff!

  1. I’m an ‘inexpensive’ (aka cheap) sweet wine girl myself. 🙂 I love ‘gewurstemeiner’ (or something like that in german) by Sutter Home. 🙂 I’ll have to write this one down though.

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