All That Shimmers

I don't claim to be extremely crafty, but every now and again I have a fun project to do.

I have to give the credit for this particular idea to my friend Sandy. These pots are so pretty in the sunlight and SO easy to make. The best part… They're an extremely affordable gift idea.

Here's what you'll need:

 5-13-10 002

1 clay pot (mine was the 8.25" pot)

1 2lb. bag of colored glass gems.

1 tube Amazing Goop adhesive (2 oz. tube will do one pot)

A shallow box lid to keep everything contained in

To start smear a ample layer of Goop over a section of the lip of the pot. Like this…

 5-13-10 007

This will need to set up for about two minutes. While this is doing it's thing apply a thin layer of Gooop to the flat side of the gems. Do about a dozen at a time.

 5-13-10 008 
(I know this is blurry and it's hard to see, but I do have glue globs on these beads.) 

Once this is done you can begin adding the gems. I did mine in staggered rows, but you can choose any pattern you like.

You may find that the gems slide around a little. Gently push them back into place as you work around the pot.

The ideal setting to do one of these is outdoors on a cool morning or evening as the cool temperatures helps set the glue. Repeat the gluing process until the rim is covered. You can also decorate the tray like I did.

 Final results…

 5-13-10 012

Fun and pretty, if I do say so myself.

Give it a try. You'll love how these brighten your flower gardens.

Peace, love and shiny things.


If you have a lovely outdoor dog like we do please don't let this happen to your creation.

 5-13-10 014

Thank goodness for buying two of everything.  


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