The Birds And The Bees At Three

 4-6-10 016

This is Harley, our sweet, protective little Border Collie.  Isn't she cute!

She's expecting her first litter of pups. (A pure accident!)  We've been expecting them any day.  Tucker has been SUPER excited waiting for their arrival.

Thursday night we knew that she was close as she was searching in closets and under beds for a place to bed down.

Friday afternoon, Harley became a momma! 

Three fat little pups.

 5-15-10 002

 5-15-10 003 
Aren't they so cute!

Here's where the humor came in.

It's just a simple fact that country kids are usually educated on the birds and the bees earlier than other kids.  They're surrounded by nature everywhere they go.  Cattle, cats, dogs, horses… everything on a farm/ranch procreates and has babies. 

 Tucker's first question after the initial excitement was, "Mommy…how did Harwey get doze puppies outda her?"

"OH, BOY!", I thought to myself.

We hadn't had any sort of baby questions from Tucker yet.  We hadn't had to tackle this subject.  I had no idea what I was going to say.

I pondered on it for a second wondering how I could delicately explain birth to my three-year-old son without getting too technical, frightening and explicit.

"Well, Honey, she pushes them out of her bottom…", I slowly explained.

"Reawy (really)?" He says.

"Yes, Sweetie, she has to push them out of her tummy."

"Well, where did aw duh bwood come from?"  (There were several small pools of blood.)

"Well, there's blood on the babies when they come out and sometimes it makes the mommies bleed when they push them out."

"Okay, Mommy.  Can I get a paper towel and cwean up duh bwood?"

"Sure, Tucker, that would be fine."

And that was the end of it.  I prayed that I had done justice in my explanation.  I "think" I did.  I felt okay with it.  He seemed satisfied with my answer.

Now, I'm sure 20 years from now, when he's grown and gone he'll remember back on this experience and laugh at my attempt at an explanation of birth.

Sometimes I wish there was a manual for explanations to the hard questions for kids.  Thank heavens for gullibility.

Peace, love and puppies.


2 thoughts on “The Birds And The Bees At Three

  1. LOL, I LOVE this story! Thanks so much for sharing!! Shay and I have had this talk a few times now. There’s a vet clinic on our way to school so this spring, we’ve been watching for new baby horsies to come. And then that fun question appeared! I told Shay that the mommy horse uses special muscles to push the baby horse out. He seemed fine with that answer until just the other day…then came the…”but out of WHERE??” I pondered a minute and he bursted in with “OUT OF THEIR MOUTHS???” I just laughed and laughed. I couldn’t even answer! So the conversation was left at mommy horses birthing baby horses out of their mouths using special muscles!!! GOTTA LOVE IT!

  2. How well I remember my explanation to Cole – used the “from the bottom” as well. That worked for a little while, until Cole questioned how long it took to get the stinky smell washed off him!

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