Country Boy

Remember me mentioning the rain we've been struggling with over the past week or so…? 

Thought you did. 

Well, it's finally gone. 


I'm going to enjoy my weekend in the sun.

On one of the rare days that it didn't rain, Tucker spent every minute he could playing outside.  Even if that meant that his pants had gotten soaked.

He'd simply come inside, change and head back out.

OR… he'd do this…

 5-18-10 008 
Who needs to put pants on when you live out in the country?

 5-18-10 010
Fortunately… he remembered to put his mud boots on.

I'm fairly certain I'm not the only momma who lets their boys do this.  He was happy.  I was happy.  Life was good.

(P.S.  Please ignore the wretched weeds around my sidewalk.  These were severely attacked by Roundup!!!)

Peace, love and no pants! 

One thought on “Country Boy

  1. I remember two little country girls who stripped down to complete nakedness when their clothes got wet and dirty from jumping in the spring mud puddles! Usually happened while their momma was on the telephone, and just before one of the neighbors drove up in the yard! ;-D

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