A Junkie

I am totally and hopelessly addicted to several television shows.  I know it's lame.  I know t.v. is a mind numbing activity that "rots our brains", but dang it, I just can't turn them off!!!

Grady even went so far as to suggest that we turn OFF the satellite during the summer months.


I just cringed. 

What…not get to watch my shows?  That….that….that just wouldn't work for me.  How would I know what Caroline, Jaqueline, Dina and Danielle are up to on Housewives of New Jersey?  How would I know what Teresa's baby is?  Who's the new Bachelorette going to choose?  What kind of drama is she going to stir up?

These are things I NEED to know!

How dare he mention turning off my television!

Not only that…try explaining to my three-year-old why he can't watch his cartoons anymore on Saturday morning.

Last night I watched the season finale of Grey's Anatomy. (DVR is the next best thing to sliced bread!)  This one is my ultimate addiction.  I can't get enough of it.  I even yell at the t.v. sometimes.  I'm usually always in tears at some point in the show.  Grady just gets a kick out of my emotional breakdowns.  He'll quietly get up and hand me the box of tissues.  I usually catch him "trying" to catch me choking up.  Yes, it's a game to him now.

I feel like I know the characters.  We're on a first name basis, you know.

I know I'm a junkie.  I know I could definitely live without these shows.  But, when I'm spent and just need some time for myself or if life is throwing me some lemons, it's nice to get lost in another world for an hour.  To just soak up someone else's pretend drama (or not so pretend as the case is with my reality t.v.).

So, here's to all of you other "junkies" out there.  I feel your pain.  I know how hard it is to watch the finale and know that you have to wait 3 months to see what happens next.  It's just torture, I tell you.  TORTURE!

Peace, love and t.v. junkies!


One thought on “A Junkie

  1. I feel that way about my TV shows too… Deren always says that these people aren’t REAL…and I always respond with “They’re REAL in my heart!”

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