Big, Bad Monsters

About a year ago Tucker was having issues with nightmares several times a week. He'd trod into our room and climb in bed with me and tell me about all his frights. After a week of this and extreme exhaustion on both our parts I knew we needed to do something about it.

(Grady was clueless to the whole ordeal because the man can sleep through a freight train ripping through the house.)

I subscribe to one of those parenting websites.

You know the ones. They try to make parenting seem so simple so when you're about to pull you're hair out from the frenzie you REALLY feel crazy because, dang it, there's always an easy fix.

Well, most of the time I delete these emails, but one paricular email caught my eye. They talked about how literal minded toddlers are. If you post a sign that says the monsters can't come in then, by George, they won't be able to get in.

And this theory is where this sign originated.

 2010-03-22 21.10.02 
And you know what?


It worked so well that the next time he had a nightmare about a big fish getting him we made another sign.

The end.

Peace, love and monster signs.


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