This dingy, tattered piece of cloth has been a very important part of Tucker's life since he was three months old.

 100_7627 Blankie goes EVERYWHERE with him.

 100_7640 It's his best sleeping companion.  

 100_7718 It's a great travel companion.

"Tag" is the most precious part of blankie.

It's been ripped off, lost and replaced with a "sub-standard" version.   

Blankie is the one thing that I'm NOT "strict" about.  It won't affect his teeth or speech.  It won't hinder his development.  It won't inhibit his growth and intelligence.

As far as I'm concerned he can keep this little piece of peace with him for as long as he likes.  I'd never dream of taking his little safe harbor from him.

I know he'll outgrow it.  I know he'll become a strong man with or without it. 

I wish we could all have a simple piece of cloth that made us feel secure, safe and happy.  I wish we could all have something that made the monsters disappear and the shadows in the closets fade to nothing.

Peace, love and blankie dreams.


One thought on “The BFF

  1. my boys don’t leave home without their blankets. They are part of this family. And man, do they get stinky and dirty?!
    Did you see that you are my winner for the 50% off shop credit?
    Also if there is something you would like to custom order… let me know! I am working on some cute little boy hat racks… 🙂

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