Watch Out! (No, I really mean it!)

Tucker is finally at the age that he can begin summer sports. He's been begging to play soccer or baseball for over a year now.

The first t-ball practice was a week ago. Thirty-six 4-6 year olds gathered in one field working in stations. It was a riot to watch.

  Tucker was anything but attentive.  He ran all over the field.

He kicked the dirt with his buddies.


Daddy had to go wrangle him on more than two ocassions.

As practices continue he's slowly starting to get the hang of it.  He's got great coaches who have AMAZING patience and tolerance. Bless them!


Just a little late…


 His stance looks pretty good.

At least he looks like he's paying attention. (I know his mind is actually wondering when it's HIS turn to hit the ball again.)

I have sadly come to the conclusion that I am grounded to the car during practice. Otherwise…he's at my side making sure I saw him.)

I can't wait for the on Sunday. It's sure to be a treat.

Peace, love and stray balls.


One thought on “Watch Out! (No, I really mean it!)

  1. Oh Alisha, it just keeps getting better! We are one week into All Stars and I can’t stand the thought of missing a single practice. I really need to get some “other than baseball” tasks accomplished, but I believe they will wait another day!
    Enjoy these days while you can, sit on the sidelines and give Tucker a high five when he runs to you, confirming you saw he most recent play!

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