A Day of Celebration

Last Saturday was my 34th birthday.  I know, I know, I'm getting OLD! 

I've never been one to make a big deal about my birthday.  Everyone loves to get recognized on their special day, but I don't make it a point to make sure everyone knows about it.

This year I had the BIGGEST birthday party EVER!

 6-12-10 128 
SEE!  I told you, it was huge!!!

Okay, so maybe this wasn't all for me.  There were only about 6 people who were actually there to celebrate my big day.

This crowd was for this…

 6-12-10 108

For five years now, the Kansas City Symphony has come to the Flint Hills of Kansas to perform an AMAZING concert for over 5,000 guests.

Each year they choose a different location on the prairie.  This year we were fortunate to have it in our county and even more fortunate to have the opportunity to get tickets before the general public.  To give you an idea of how popular this event is…the tickets sell out in an hour!

We decided to pack a picnic dinner with lots of our favorite goodies.

 6-12-10 082

The governor of Kansas gave the most AMAZING speech!  He brought it home!

 6-12-10 088

Lyle Lovett sang.

 6-12-10 115 
 That's him in the middle with the guitar and the big hair.  I could have listened to this man sing ALL night long.  His voice was amazing.  Soothing, calming and uplifting.

 6-12-10 139 

My sister and her husband joined us from OKC.

 6-12-10 159 Jared and Carrie and their goofiness were there too.

 6-12-10 080 
My mom's brother and…

 6-12-10 081 

his wife drove down to attend as well.  My mom and my grandparents were there too for the festivities.

 6-12-10 152 
Grady's ranch rodeo team and a handful of other local cowboys were outriders.  They're job consisted of provided security, entertainment and "cowboy knowledge" to the folks who aren't privy to the cowboy way of life.

This was the most entertaining part for me.  Ranching and cowboying are an everyday part of my life.  It's what I've known for the last 34 years and to see people's reactions to my husband and his horse and cattle is pure fun for me.  I forget that out there in the distant lands there are folks that dress up in suits everyday and work in their high rise buildings who dreamt as litttle boys of riding the range and roping cattle.  I take for granted that we are living part of the American Dream.  It's not glamorous and it's not always romantic, but there's nothing on Earth I would trade it for.

The night was perfect.  It rained earlier in the day which left us with a cool breeze and a calm atmosphere.

I am so thankful for my amazing birthday present and the opportunity to share with so many others.  Thank you, Mom, for letting us all do this!

For more information you can click here.

Peace, love and country class!



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