Where, Oh Where?

Have you been wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth?

Did I fall in a big hole and no one can find me?

Did all of my fingers get mangled in some horrible cooking accident therefore rendering me unable to type?

I WISH I had a more creative reason for my absence in blogging to all of you.  The simple truth is that I'm POOPED!!!

This week has worn this momma SLICK!!!  Okay, so maybe it's the pregnancy that's REALLY wearing me down, but this week has definitely been one for the books.

We got so much a week ago that the garden has gone hay wire!  I don't mean in a good way either.  The weeds were atrocious!  Grady and I spent two full evenings weeding and mulching all three garden.  Add to that two boys wrestling, hooping and hollering all evening and it makes for a crazy day.

Pregnancy Confession #1:

No two pregnancies are the same!  I know I was told this a million times, but they were RIGHT!!!  This kiddo is giving it's momma a run for her money!  Exhaustion, horrible nausea (which has fortunately subsided), constipation and a ridiculous number of trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night. 

Yes, I said constipation.  I've gotta be real here.  It is what it is and that's just a plain fact of nature.

I didn't have near these issues with Tucker.  He was a BREEZE compared to this kiddo.  I'm not done with the first trimester yet, so I'm praying that this will subside in a few weeks.  You can count on me to let you know.

So, I do apologize for leaving you high and dry for the week.  I DO have great stuff to blog about when I have a little more time, like next week.  I even have a great recipe to share.

So, I'll bid farewell as I will be spending a wonderful weekend away visiting my sister and her husband in the big city.  Some good R & R with no husband or kids.  Just great food and great company!

See ya on the flip side!

Peace, love and intestinal issues.


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