Random Thoughts

If you read my post from yesterday you'll know what I'm talking about…

We had the "Good Touch"/"Bad Touch" talk with Tucker last night.  As delicate a visit as it was it was  an AWESOME chat.  He'll be 4 soon and he understood what we were trying to tell him.  As I told a friend earlier today, we'll elaborate on the depth of the conversation as he gets older, but at least we've opened that door and made the right choice.  It felt good.


Pregnancy Mystery #7,851,163 (Yes there are THAT many weird things about it.)

Curly hair CHANGES with pregnancy.  Those darned hormones do the craziest things to my hair.  With Tucker, my hair got curlier than ever.  It was great!  I loved it.

This kiddo… I'm LOSING my curl.  I had been fighting my hair for two weeks, desperately trying to get it to curl a little more.  Inevitably, it ended up in a ponytail or pulled back with bobby pins every day.  I just couldn't hack it.  Yesterday, I called my hairdresser, Danielle, who I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE and told her it needed whacked off!

 2010-07-09 07.14.37 

Yep, I cut over 4 inches off my hair and I couldn't be happier!!!!!  I feel FREEEEEEE!!!!!!



Tonight is our local Relay For Life walk.  This is the first one I will attend.  I'm really excited.

Tonight I walk in honor of my aunt Maryann who lost a tough battle with ovarian cancer.  I walk for Grady's grandma Vera who lost her battle with cancer over 6 years ago.  I also walk for a very special little boy, Carter, who is a SURVIVOR!!!!  I've never met Carter.  I pray that someday I will.  He's the son of my high school best friend whom I haven't seen in 11 years.  Carter was diagnosed 1 year ago today with Leukemia and is now in the very last stage of his treatment, the "Maintenance Phase".  He has beaten this terrible disease with the grace of our Lord and I walk to celebrate him.


Peace, love and random stuff!


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