Relay For Life

Back on the 9th of this month my husband's family and I participated in the local Relay for Life.  We had a team that was based around Grady's grandmother, Vera.  I wasn't fortunate to meet her as she passed away shortly after Grady and I began dating.  I know she was a strong woman with a big heart because each of her children possess this trait.

I walked in memory of my Aunt Maryann, in honor of Abbey's father, Rod and in honor of my friend's son, Carter.  It was a great night and I wanted to share the pictures I captured.

 7-17-10 112 
This was our tent.  Of course it was decorated with a western theme with lots of flowers!

 7-17-10 145 
We won best tent!!!  We were so excited!

 7-17-10 137
7-17-10 132
7-17-10 138 
These were the three bags that Tucker and I made.  We thought they were fun. 🙂

 7-17-10 127
7-17-10 135
7-17-10 123
7-17-10 125 
I LOVED this shirt!  I thought it said it all!!!

 7-17-10 121 

The survivor walk was especially touching as I knew almost all of the amazing people who took this walk of honor.

 7-17-10 134 
Tucker's horse shoe was for Daddy.  We wanted a bronc rider, but that was a little more than Heidi thought she could do. :-)  We left it on all weekend for good luck to Daddy's team who was away at a rodeo.

 7-17-10 113

 7-17-10 147
7-17-10 140
7-17-10 114
7-17-10 130

We had a great night enjoying each other and honoring our loved ones and the memories of those who have passed. 

I was really proud of our little community and all their hard work and money raising abilities.  I hope we get to do it next year.

Peace, love and cancer freedom!   


2 thoughts on “Relay For Life

  1. It was a great night! I thought that we did great for our first year. It was wonderful to honor Grandma Vera and all the others who have passed away or been affected by this terrible disease. Hopefully someday they will find a cure. Thanks for posting this 🙂

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