Corn Fest 2010

For the last three years my father-in-law, Mike, his wife, Jackie and my little crew has gotten together to "put up corn".  One of the local farmers who plants field corn each year also plants a "not so small" patch of sweet corn for his family, friends and neighbors to pick and eat.

What turns out to be a lot of hard work and effort is one of the funnest days we have together.  We start bright and early in the morning out in the field picking 5 gallon buckets full of corn and dumping them into the bed of the pickup.

This year we got overly ambitious and picked a little more than we needed.  Not to worry though, it never goes to waste.  We simply find someone who'd like to take it off our hands.  Trust me, around here, that's never a hard thing to do.  Everyone loves sweet corn.

 7-17-10 058
7-17-10 057 
See what I mean… A LOT OF CORN!

Man, there's just something about a cowboy in a white t-shirt and jeans that just gets me every time!

Oh, sorry.  Got a little side tracked by the hunky cowboy shucking corn.

 7-17-10 064

  7-17-10 066

No one is too small to help with the corn project.  Tucker would shuck and then remove the cobs when a pile gathered.

 7-17-10 061
7-17-10 062 
Sometimes, you even come across strange stuff like this little doozie.  An ear of corn growing from another ear of corn.  NOT NORMAL!

 7-17-10 068 
Jackie and I had the job of cutting all the corn off the cobs and bagging it up.  It's REALLY hard not to dig right in and eat your weight in this golden deliciousness.

 7-17-10 059 
My father-in-law had the glamorous job of scrubbing and blanching the ears.  It's back breaking work, but someone has to do it.  He's pretty good at that job, so he gets it every year.

 7-17-10 069 
Hunter has a really ornery side that tends to come out quite often.  He turned the hose on his poor mother and Jackie was drenched.  This seems to be a reoccuring issue between them as he was up to the same mischief the day before at the birthday party.

All in all, we ended up with roughly 140 bags of corn.  I know this seems excessive, but during the winter months when you're craving that sweet delicious taste of summer we have it in our deep freeze.  All that hard work is SO worth it.

So, until next year, Corn Fest 2011, we'll be enjoying summer all year long.

Peace, love and corn cravings.  


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