A Wives Tale

We are in full pregnancy swing at week number 14 today.

The morning sickness has subsided and has been replaced with a constant state of gassiness. I know, I know, possibly more information than you really wanted to know , BUT I have to keep it real here. I would hate for any future moms who haven't experienced the bliss of pregnancy to be misled into belieivng that it's all wonderful or all terribly uncomfortable and irritating.

 Ladies, no matter what it has in store for you, it's an adventure that is well worth the ride. Just remember that this experience is a gift frrom God that our poor husbands will never get the joy of knowing.

Now, for the reason I wanted to post today…

I have a great friend at work who just had her own little bambino about 7 months ago, Ubie is what we call the babe. She's ADORABLE! Michelin man legs and all!

ANYWAY… (If anyone tries to tell you that pregnancy doesn't affect you ability to stay focused they're CRAZY!)

When my friend was pregnant we were discusssing the sex of the baby and trying to deduce ourselves what we thought it would be. She told us about a "needle and string test" that's supposed to be 100% accurate. It's been done on ladies for hundreds of years. Of course I'm totally thinking she's full of crap and there's no way a needle attached to a peice of string is going to predict what my baby is!

The wives tale gets better… It's actually supposed to tell you the sex of ALL your children in ORDER!

Grady and I saw a show last week that demonstrated it and we got curious. We got out the needle and thread and did it ourselves. Here's how it works. Hold the end of the thread over said pregnant lady's wrist dangling the needle just above the skin. Steady the needle to make sure it's still. Let the needle go and watch for movement. If the needle moves in a straight line up and down it indicates a boy, if it moves in a circle it indicates a girl. If it moves slightly from side to side that is to indicate a miscarriage or failed pregnancy.

Soooo…. Since I had a miscarriage AND a tubal pregnancy prior to Tucker the needle , in deed, moved side to side and then stopped. Then, it swung up and down the length of my wrist indicating Tucker and stopped and then….

Well… I don't know if we should tell.

 Aw, shucks, why not!

The needle made a circle bigger than Dallas! It says we're having a girl.

Now… as I said, this is a wives tale and we'll wait to find out the real deal sometime in September, but this definitely made it interesting.

I dare you mommas out there to try it! You don't have to prego for it to work. Heck we did it to some girls at the office and it was creepily correct.

Until September, we're hoping it's correct. Grady wants a little girl so bad he can taste it!

Peace, love and baby things!


2 thoughts on “A Wives Tale

  1. I’ve done this soooo many times to my friends and myself! My Nanny always does this to people, and have honestly only had a couple wrong! The other thing she always does is take the wedding ring on a string and put in front of the pregnant belly. If it makes the sign of the cross it’s a boy, the circl is a girl. Each time with everyone in our family it has been right 😉 Again, only a few over the many years that she has been wrong with. In fact, one story she did this to an obvious pregnant girl and then said, “see it doesn’t work unless your pregnant” while trying to girl standing next to her, who was NOT pregnant. Well, low and behold it started doing the cross and a couple of weeks later the lady came back and told my Nanny she was indeed pregnant! 🙂

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