Patience and Trust

4-6-10 020

Grady and I have a tremendous amount of "stuff" on our plates right now. Some of it's fantastic and some of it's emotionally and/or physically draining.

We have been trudging along one day at a time trying to do what it is that we know MUST get done and sorting out time for the other things.

This is an especially hard week. Grady has a grueling work schedule that is demanding extra hours at the ranch. The first mention of this to me gets my unedited reaction of "completely bummed"; sad face and questioning look in my eyes.

After his apologies and "I don't have control over this one" explanation, I knew that he was right. I knew when he took this job that these situations would arise. Today I'm okay with the fact that it could be Friday before Tucker and I get to spend any real QT with Daddy.


I am blessed with a very patient and understanding son. He knows Daddy's job takes him away sometimes so we enjoy some good quality Mommy and Tucker time. 

Other things in our life are out of our control and we have to trust that God will hear our prayers and do His will.

It's so hard to be patient.

It's hard to trust that the things we can't control will come out okay whether we believe it to be or not.  We're trusting in our faith and the Lord above.

In the meantime, we keep on keepin' on.  We're blessed to have each other and everything we've been given.  We know there are those out there who aren't as fortunate as us and we hold on to that knowing we are rich in our blessings.


Peace, love and God's faith.


One thought on “Patience and Trust

  1. Sweet post ‘Lisha! Read a qoute this week that reminded me that we all have to wait upon the Lord – which gives us time to prepare ourselves (spiritually, physically and emotionally) for what he has in store for us. Sounds like this is your time to prepare :>) Love you!

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