Spooks and Goblins

What is it about nightmares?

Where do they come from?

Why do they seem SO real?

I have always been a person who has extremely vivid dreams; great detail, rich, bright colors and clarity that seems to stay with me for days. Most of the time I can shake the dream by mid morning, sometimes even laugh them off at the absurd storyline.

I mean really, what was the likelihood that Tucker would be born with three heads AND survive? Come on… Yes, I REALLY dreamt that just over four years ago. I remember every detail of it. The MAIN focus of the dream wasn't that my son had three heads, but rather that I was enjoying my first beer after 40 weeks of being a studious incubator.

There are some nightmares, though, that won't leave me alone. Some subjects that have haunted my nights for over 7 years. I can't explain it. I don't understand it.  They're related to a rather unpleasant period in my life.  I do admit that I think about this particular wrinkle in time on occassion.  Okay probably at least once every two weeks.  It wasn't the most pleasant period of my life, but I really thought I had worked past it.

These dreams are never the same.  They're always different, but always about the same thing.   I wake up with a racing heart and panic in my mind.  Then I look over at my husband and realize I'm in my normal little life that is minus the drama and exhaustion of the past.

Does anyone else have this problem?

…or is it just me and I need to be placing a call to my shrink.

Peace, love and spooky things.


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