A Bone To Pick

***Warning: This post is not a happy or upbeat post.  This post may contain content that you find disturbing, but please read.***

I am angry.

I have been angry since last Friday.

I am NOT, typically, an angry person.  Yes, I get irritated, annoyed, frustrated or upset, but downright angry…No.

I have a bone to pick with a few cowards in this world.  Cowards who think that it's a good idea to dump their unwanted pet off on a random road in the country rather than do the responsible thing and either euthanize or take it to the shelter.

Just because we live in the country does not mean that a.) we want more pets or b.) we can AFFORD more pets than we already have.

To the coward who dumped your un-neutered and tumor ridden boxer on my road, SHAME ON YOU! 

We are not the local pound.  We do not take in stray pets just because they come around.  Contrary to popular belief, the local authorities WILL NOT come and pick up your pet and give him/her a nice taxi ride to the local shelter.  Once out in the country the authorites have NO jurisdiction.

Your pet would not come to us giving us the opportunity to take him anywhere else.  This posed a threat to our home and our pets and our children.  We don't know the character of your pet.  We weren't given the opportunity or the option of "getting to know him".

I have an outside dog with two puppies who were terrorized by the strange boxer you dumped off Thursday night.  Harley stressed herself out trying to protect her home and babies from this large intruder. By no means do I feel that this is acceptable that your dog hovers around my yard because of YOUR lack of responsibility.

I want this coward to know exactly what happens to dogs that are dumped in the country.

If your dog doesn't have the fortune of coming to the home of someone who IS willing and able to take in your pet then it will face one of two demises.

Your dog will either starve to death or be put down.

Have you ever seen a starving animal?  It's horrific.  It's angering.  It's atrocious.  I don't wish this death on ANY animal.

Have you ever witnessed someone shoot a pet?  I have.  I had to watch my husband shoot the above referenced boxer this weekend. 

I was mortified. 

I was beyond angry. 

I was heartbroken. 

I was thankful. 

I was thankful for my husband's good aim and merciful ability to put this dog down, if you can consider shooting an animal merciful.  Although, this is a much more merciful death than starvation.

I wept for this poor creature.  His life had to end because a coward couldn't or wouldn't do the right thing.  I wept for all the other animals out there who were starving to death and couldn't be put down and out of their misery.

So, yes, I am angry.  I am angry at the way some people feel that pets are disposable creatures.  I am angry that there are heartless individuals out there who feel that it's someone else's job to take care of an animal that they just don't want anymore.

I am praying for these people that they know not to ever own a pet again.  They don't deserve that unconditional love a pet gives an owner.

With that said, I am hopeful that this message reaches someone who is possibly considering dumping your pet.  Please, I'm begging you, take your animal to the shelter.  Your animal doesn't deserve what it could have lying ahead of it if you dump it.

Peace, love and good judgement.


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