Just Shtuff

It was a beautiful holiday weekend filled with lots of friends, family and devouring excellent food. There wasn't any one moment worthy of an entire blog entry so I thought I'd share some of the random tthings that make me smile.

***I have an incredibly sweet and considerate husband.

(This picture is REALLY old…)

I try to be a very diligent incubator for our little punkin' seed. Of course this means avoiding certain indulgences, like alcohol.

By no means am I the type who "needs" a beer, but it's always those times that you CAN'T have something that you crave it the most. The mind is a cruel little thing sometimes.

While I never craved a drop of alcohol while I was pregnant with Tucker that is not the case with this bambino. I LOVE a red beer and in my "hours of need" Grady has dutifully gone to the liquor store and picked up the non-alcoholic beer for me. Not only did he get my beer fix under control he picked up a bottle of alcohol free white zinfandel called Fre. It's not too bad. Thanks, Honey, you're the best! 

*** Tucker has always said the funniest things.

8-16-10 093 
He makes up words and tells the best stories ever. The greatest thing he's been saying lately is his version of "Shucks!"

Grady and I are both very adament that our kids use nice words and nothing inapropriate for their age. I've drilled into Tuck's head that he can say, "shoot", "shucks", "darn it", "gosh" and anything else along those lines.

Well, he's combined "shucks" and "gosh" and come up with "GUTS". I wish I could record him saying it and post it because it's just the funniest thing. As serious as a heart attack when something goes wrong he'll blurt out, "Aww, GUTS, Mom, I fowgot Bwankie!" I can't help but giggle at his expression. As much as I should correct this I can't bring myself to do it.

*** A sweet boy drove 2 hours to adopt these two little sweeties!

8-24-10 028 
He was originally only going to take one, but couldn't bear the thought of separating them. We were so thankful and Jess was over the top. He won't be attacked by two crazy pups every time he goes out the door and I can finally have a yard that is free of chewed up junk from the neighbors yard! So, thank you, thank you, thank you, sweet Nic, from 2 hours away! You made my entire weekend!

***My final thought for the day…

It is very important to keep tabs on the gas levels in your propane tank. We know first hand what it's like to not have any hot water for 36 hours on a holiday weekend.

Yep, we forgot to check it.

Yes, we ran out Sunday afternoon.

Yes, I had to boil water for hot baths and dish water.

Yes, I have a new respect for full propane tanks, hot water and the pioneer women!

I'm going to love my steamy shower in the morning!

Peace, love and GUTS!


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