The 411

Well, we have officially made to the halfway point of the pregnancy.

20 weeks and counting down!

I can't believe how much faster a second pregnancy goes versus the first. It seems that we've been so busy with everything else going on that we haven't had time to dwell on the passing weeks.

I realized after reviewing a few posts I made that I eluded to some issues we're having with the pregnancy. I failed to elaborate on this and wanted to apologize. I sure hope you haven't been worried. I'm not one for being shy about sharing the ins and outs of our life so I decided I should let all of you know what's up.

Throughout the last five months I've felt great. The baby looks and sounds great. Everything has been routine with the exception of the occasional spotting I've been experiencing. I knew it wasn't normal and my doctor and I have been keeping tabs on it.

When the problem didn't resolve itself at my last appointment the Dr. ordered another ultrasound to try to pinpoint the problem. Less than 20 seconds into the ultrasound the technician immediately knew what was going on. The placenta was sitting directly on top of my cervix. This is placenta previa.

The placenta is an incredibly vascular piece of tissue and any time I strained, bore down or used my stomach muscles too much this would cause the spotting. We were reassured that baby was fine and perfectly safe. I'm under strict orders to keep my physical activity to a minimum. The doctors are hopeful that the placenta will move away from the cervix and we'll be able to return to normal activity. We rescheduled another ultrasound for 6 weeks from that date.

So what happens if it doesn't move…?

Well, if the little bugger doesn't decide to move the heck out of the way then the simple answer is that it means we have a c-section rather than a natural delivery. The major risk with placenta previa is if natural labor occurs the mother would deliver the placenta before the baby which could/would cause the mother to bleed out which in turn could be life threatening.

So, there you have it… the 411, the low down, the dish on what's up with our pregnancy.

I have been very obedient of the doctor's orders. I listen to my body when it tells me to slow down because it's had enough of my shinanigans. Grady helps out with the little things. Tucker understands that Mommy can't pick him up for a while. Everyone at the office has been more than awesome about my restrictions. My close friends and family have offered any help I need. Needless to say, I'm surrounded by awesome people who are making sure I obey the rules.

Right now we're praying that placenta moves. We want everything to be normal and healthy for the Punkin' Seed.  We are keeping all our thoughts positive because we know that this little bundle is a gift from God and we are so blessed to have it.

Peace, love and being good.


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