The Beginning of the End of an Era

My alarm chimed promptly at 5:30 this morning letting me know I was allowed two more snoozes. When I finally stumbled out of bed and into the bathroom to start my morning routine I asked Grady to wake Tucker up this morning since it was a special day…

the first day of school!

I realized, as he sleepily stumbled around the house that this was, indeed, the beginning of the end of an era. My toddler boy is no longer a toddler.

Yes, four may still officially be a "toddler" age, but, Tucker is very much a big boy with big boy thoughts and ideas.

My heart did a little number on me as I realized that this would be his last year as my "little" guy.

Next year he will go to the "big kids" school.

Next year he will be a big brother.

Next year he will beg me to ride the bus.

So, as he got dressed and ate his cereal I soaked it all in. How I love this age that he's at. He's so full of ideas, wonder and imagination. I love the 30 questions he asks me about absolutely random stuff at the most inopportune times. I love that he is so excited about school and pray that he continues to have this thirst for knowledge.

We went out this morning and took pictures of the last first day of preschool.

9-8-10 034 
9-8-10 033 
He wanted to pose in every which way, but I didn't want him to be a dirty mess.

I did, however, allow him to pose with his favoritw gal, Harley Sue, who loves him like her own pup. She'll be sad too when he's all grown up…

9-8-10 037
9-8-10 039
9-8-10 040 And there he goes…


Peace, love and new beginnings.


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