Karma in the Canine World

8-24-10 028
When we discovered that Tucker was miserably heartbroken over the adoption of the puppies Grady immediatley chimed in with, "Well, Buddy, what if Daddy brings home a kitten from the ranch…?!"

Of course this got an immediate glare from me as I don't want a cat in the house nor do we need one around a baby. But, in the 6 1/2 years Grady and I have been married I have discovered that my protesting usually gets trumped. The truth of the matter is that a cat wouldn't be a bad idea as old farm houses tend to draw in the mice. And… I. Can't. Stand. Mice.

At the mention of a baby kitty Tucker was overjoyed. Monday evening, when Daddy showed up with no kitty (because he'd forgotten) Tucker was NOT a happy camper.

We try to teach the boys that you honor your word so when you say you're going to do something, by all means you do it. So Tuesday afternoon I reminded Grady of his promise and he delivered on his word. I have never seen a little boy so devoted and in love with an animal as instantly as Tuck was with the kitty. It was love at first sight.

3-13-10 011 
I'll venture to say that was NOT the case the first time Jess saw the cat. His first instinct was ATTACK!

Let me give you a little history on our dear, sweet Jesser, as we call him.

We adopted him about two years ago from a sweet lady in the military who was about to be deployed to Afghanistan. When we went to get him we discovered that Jess shared his home with a furry little leg biter and a cat the size of a LARGE watermelon. We had never seen a cat so huge! Jess is a small standard dacshund and weighs only about 13 pounds at most. This cat had to weigh at LEAST 20 pounds! I'm really not kidding, Folks.

When we brought Jess home and he became accustomed to country life we discovered that he was a cat chaser. A serious cat chaser. There has only been one cat that he couldn't chase because it refused to run, so Jess stood in front of it and barked. It was quite comical to see this cat yawn and stretch, not giving a care in the world to this noisy nuisance.

As I mentioned, when the kitten showed up Jess immediately thought, "Game on!"

My theory is this… I'm going to guess that the 20 pound monster Jess grew up with tormented the dickens out of this little weenie dog and once he was out of his reach he was going to make every cat he came across PAY for the wrath he endured from the giant.

That is… until the kitten came around.

(to be continued…)

Peace, love and puppy eyes.


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