9-11-10 013
In case you've been wondering…

Or not…

This is me, baby bump and all.

Twenty-one weeks along.

 I feel great.

My apetite is voracious, but after a few bites I'm stuffed.  I'm not sure if this is a curse or a blessing of pregnancy since most expectant women could probably out eat a football team if you let them.

I have a wedding to go to this weekend and am wondering what I'm going to look like in the dress I picked out to wear 2 months ago when I had NO bump.  It'll be interesting.

I apologize for the "not-so-great" photo.  Grady tries his best, bless his heart.

I'm pretty much the same size as I was with Tucker, but much trendier this time.  Ha! Ha! Ha! 

It's amazing how anxious you are to get into maternity clothes the first time around.  This time I'm making my normal wardrobe stretch as far as possible. (No pun inteneded…)


If you're wondering about the continued saga of Jess and the cat, no worries…  It's coming very soon!

Peace, love and bumping bellies.


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