Karma in the Canine World (continued)

9-11-10 027
This is Jackson.  Jackson the transplanted ranch cat.  If you're wondering how Jackson came to live at our house just read here.

Let me tell you a little bit about Jackson.  He's a bonafide, 100% born and bred BARN CAT!!!  This cat has never seen the likes of a dog, but his instincts are dead on!  Anything that doesn't smell like a horse, cow, mouse or bird is an instant threat.  Barn cats have an incredible sensory perception for the enemy kind.

If you'll remember, Jess was a cat chaser from the minute he came to our house.  He was giving everything of the feline kind all the hell and wrath he was given by the watermelon cat.  He was out for BLOOD!  I never witnessed it, but I'm probably certain he got his revenge a time or two.

You can imagine our concern when Grady brought Jackson home.

What was Jess going to act like?

Was he going to chase poor Jackson all over the house?

Was Jackson going to be a tasty little tid bit for our sweet little weenie dog?

We knew that the proper introductions had to take place in order for there to be peace in the animal kingdom known as the Gibb house. 

As soon as Grady brought the cat home we put the two together.  Jackson's fur stood on end and he GROWLED!  This cat doesn't hiss, he doesn't screech, he flat out GROWLS like a dog!

Jess wasn't quite sure what to think.  He was so curious.  He was so ready to attack.  He was on point.  Fortunately, Jess is a rather obedient dog.  If I tell him to go to his "closet" he lowers his head and mopes to his corner of the house where his big blankie and comfort resides.  

9-11-10 014 
This was the scene in the house for the first several days.

They'd circle each other.



Circle each other.



Then this started to happen.

9-11-10 017 
Jackson would take his perch when Jess wasn't looking and wait to POUNCE!!!!

This was a game for this cat.

We couldn't believe it!

This cat was HUNTING Jess.

We would just watch in amazement.

The cat actually got the poor dog a couple times.  We'd hear him yelp and then sadly retreat to another room as he knew he'd just been beaten.

I tried to tell him that Karma had bitten him in the hiney. 

What goes around comes around my young pup.

After almost a week of this cat and "mouse" game Jess has decided that maybe it'd be more fun to actually play with the cat rather than eat him.  

Now this is the entertainment that we laugh at in the house.

9-11-10 057
…a cat that watches t.v.

Peace, love and cute kitties.  


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