I think I've mentioned in the past that our kids come from a long line of cowboys and rodeo athletes (which include their father.)

This past weekend our little town was the host to a Bull Blowout; in layman's terms… a big bull riding event. Grady's brother, Kyle, and his in-laws put on the event. It was a great time, but I have to say that the BEST part of the evening was the half hour before the show.

Mutton Bustin' is a common rodeo event around here. For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's sheep riding for the tykes.

Having that cowboy/rodeo blood surging through his veins Tucker was ALL about the "mustin' bustin'" as he calls it.

He and his older cousin, Coy (who shares some of this same bloodline), waited patiently for the event to start.

9-11-10 030

Tucker studied each kid's ride until the moment came when it was his turn.

9-11-10 054

9-11-10 041 
Uncle Kyle lifted him onto his sheep.

9-11-10 042 
Daddy coached him as he pulled his son's rope.

Here's where it got interesting, which I, of course didn't notice until I looked at the pictures…

9-11-10 043 
Notice Tuck's helmet is pulled way down over his eyes?

Look closely. Can you tell what's wrong?


It's on backwards!!!!

In the haste of being told to hurry up and grab a helmet and slam it on his head while the kid in front of us took his bumpy ride through the muddy arena, I , his mother, didn't pay attention and just mashed it down on his little head and buckled it.

9-11-10 045 
It wasn't until I saw these pictures that I realized the reason poor Tucker didn't ride his 8 seconds.

It couldn't have possibly have been because of his lack of experience.

The kid's a natural!

He's got this stuff bred into him.


The reason Tucker didn't make a time was all his momma's fault. I let him down. (Insert Momma guilt here please.)

To no avail though.

Our champion remained in the family.

Coy took first place!

Congratulations Coy!

Peace, love and a handful of wool!

2 thoughts on ““Mustin’Bustin'”

  1. Geez, Mom! I didn’t even notice. I think I would have kept that to myself. Maybe Coy can teach Tucker his secrets to winning. I’m just hoping they stop before bullriding time. I may start to act like my Mother if not 😉

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