No Guilt!

Last week I was at a complete LOSS for what to have for supper.  I turned to Tucker in the car and asked for his suggestion.  He piped up with, "PIZZA!!!"

We love to make homemade pizze in our house.  Tucker can get involved and help with all the toppings.

I think I have a little chef on my hands!

This particular night I was NOT in the mood to make the pizza dough,  let alone spread it out and take the time to make sure it was just right.  BUT… Tucker had his heart set on pizza.

Then I remembered I had picked up these little beauties at the store a few weeks earlier for sandwich wraps.


You've GOT to find them in your store.  I absolutely love them.

Take a look at the package. They're screaming NO GUILT!!!

I remembered the picture of the pizza on the bottom of the package and the lightbulb came on!

I went home, browned and rinsed my hamburger, got the remaining ingredients ready and let Tucker have at it.

We had supper on the table and ready in 20 minutes!!!  That is totally unheard of in our house!

To top it off, these were delicious!  The edges were cracker crisp and the center while softer wasn't soggy.  Ours were loaded with meat toppings, but you could easily make a healthy veggie pizza with lowfat cheese.

Needless to say, this will be a staple I keep on hand at all times!

Peace, love and effortless suppers!

One thought on “No Guilt!

  1. We buy these for wraps sometimes. We make mini pizzas with the little wheat sandwich things I buy – they are so versatile! We use them like toast at breakfast… make mini pizzas or sandwiches. Good idea. I’ll have to try them next time I buy the flat outs.

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